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Chronicles of Max

Chronicles of Max's Cover
  • Alternative Name:
  • Author(s): Comicwhiz
  • Artist(s): Comicwhiz, Elite Media, Tobijossh
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Type: komiki
  • Genre(s): Fantasy
  • Synopsis:
  • He was born during a long thunder storm and started making speeches at eleven months old. Grew to be a funny menace, cute face, scrawny looking, but boy could
    he draw!. He had no friends because even elders found his sense of humor offensive. He only had one odd ball pal to move with. All his dreams were to move to the big
    city where Artitude lies; a place where talented people like him make it to the top. Only to get there to see that Artitude, the ArtBeat of the nation is dead internally,
    due to man's selfish interest. How will Maxwell and his friend revive Artitude?.

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